Artist Statement: About my Oddest Goddess Folk Art Dolls

Oddest Goddess KnitterOddest Goddess Knitter
The creations of artist Barbara Koppang express a connection to the spiritual aspects of life. Her favorite quote is from Leonard Cohen. “There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in”. Therefore, she loves making faces that have the “cracks” of everyday life sculpted into each one.
But she also believes that the heart is where the light gets in, so each doll has a felt heart sewn into it. This serves as a reminder that the heart is the source of the light and a person’s true beauty.

Each face and set of hands is sculpted out of cold porcelain,
which is an air dry clay primarily used for miniatures.
Since it is used unconventionally, it takes up to a week to dry. That requires the artist to continue to work on sculpting each little face until it is completely dry.
Each of the faces has semi precious gemstone eyes.
At the end of the process
a patina of paint is applied to the face and hands and each is sealed to protect it.
Mother and ChildMother and Child
The bodies of the Oddest Goddess Art Dolls are made with recycled wool.
Each body is hand stitched and needle sculpted.
The artist adds vintage trims, beads, stones and other unique embellishments.
They are stuffed with all the little bits and pieces
of fabric, yarn and thread
that Barbara has left over after making the bodies.
This insures that nothing is wasted!
Each doll is completed by sewing in a cloth tag on the bottom and a paper tag that is signed, numbered and dated by the artist.
Barbara’s dolls are known for their color combinations, details and whimsy!
And each is one of a kind!